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Marcel Bonte

Eric Hans Eddes

Bio: Eric Hans Eddes was educated as a medical doctor at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. At the Leiden University Medical Centre he was trained as a general surgeon and differentiated as a GastroIntestinal Surgeon at the Groningen University Medical Centre. His PhD thesis “clinical and pathofysiological aspects of chronic pancreatitis and duodenum preserving resection of the head of the pancreas” was performed during his surgical training. As a surgical resident and work as GastroIntestinal Surgeon he was always active in the relevant professional boards. From this perspective he became engaged in quality, improvement and transparancy in health care and was one of the initiators implementing clinical auditing in the Netherlands 10 years ago. At this moment he is GastroIntesitinal Surgeon at the Deventer Hospital, a teaching hospital in the Netherlands and director of the Dutch Insitute for Clinical Auditing, an organization facilitating 21 clinical registries with a nationwide coverage in the Netherlands (www.dica.nl).