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Donnie SC Lygonis

For the fourth year in a row, Donnie SC Lygonis will join us in September for MYiHealth, moderating the conference. Donnie used to moderate the Digital Health Days conference. We had a chat with Donnie to find out why he is so passionate about the tech industry in general and digital health in particular.

What does digital health mean to you?
– It means letting the machines do what they are good at, like shuffling huge amounts of data, analyzing it and helping the human staff make better decisions. Or like both monitoring levels of sugar, oxygen, heart rate or what it might be, and adjusting correct care in real time. And it also means that it will enable us humans to do what we are better at; relations, empathy and making the decisions that can’t be done by following a check list.

Why do you think the digital health industry is so important?
– It is the only way forward if we want to change healthcare for the better. Some people might think we can’t afford to invest in all this new technology, but I’ll argue that we can’t afford NOT to invest in the future. But it’s not about blindly switching humans for machines, it’s about the machines complementing us in our future jobs.

What are some of your best takeaways from the previous events?
– That things are actually happening all the time. Every year we’ve been hearing new stories about great progress in the healthcare business, and it’s only a matter of time until we hit the beginning of the exponential change that digital will bring. The only constant is change and the future is already here, only unevenly distributed as William Gibson used to say.

Networking is an important part of the conference. Have you made any special connections during the previous conferences that have inspired you and/or enriched your business?
– Of course! I always meet lots of new interesting people from all over, and not only Swedish people. We’ve always had a lot of good international names. Last year’s conference with Amanda Goltz to name one person was a real eye opener.

When we asked you to join us as our moderator again for the 2017 conference, you never hesitated to say yes. What is it with this conference that inspires you so much?
– I like the conference for many reasons, one is the meeting of different interfaces; big pharma meet startups meet IT companies meet healthcare, and then of course the international aspect and the mindset of always trying to learn something new. We’ve never said, “we know everything and don’t need to listen to others”, instead we’ve had international experts from all over the world showing us some kind of best practice.

The vantage point of this year’s conference is the patient and is focusing on outcomes that really matter to the patient. Why is this theme important?
– Well to be honest, isn’t that what healthcare is about? The healthcare system should be in place for the people, not the other way around, which is the state of the matter today in some aspects. But I really think that “old school” healthcare where the whole industry actually needed people to get sick so they could sell more medicine or do more operations is a dinosaur that is going to meet its end in the coming 10-15 years.

Who should not miss this conference?
– Anyone in healthcare that wants to be a part of shaping the future, or just experiencing it to start. We really need all hands on deck here, I’d love to see the healthcare professionals, the hospital directors and political influencers, together with the startups and the big thinkers. It’s together we make change happen.