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Jen Hyatt

Jen Hyatt on MYiHealth: New business ideas and new perspectives

Jen Hyatt is a multi-award winning entrepreneur who has founded or co-created over 30 organisations worldwide. She was one of the keynote speakers, and a workshop leader, at MYiHealth 2017. The event brought on

Digital health care is incredibly exciting and MYiHealth is an opportunity to catch up with research and innovation activities, according to Jen Hyatt.

”People with different qualifications, such as start-up companies and researchers meet. This leads to very stimulating discussions”, she says.

”I think the workshops and interactive sessions are the best part. The discussions bring on new ideas”, she says.

Jen Hyatt describes herself as a ”serial social entrepreneur”, having founded or co-created organisations all over the world. In 2007 she founded Big White Wall to overcome stigma and poor access to mental health support. Using digital technology and data analytics, Big White Wall has transformed the mental health journey into one of personalised support and recovery that is available immediately and anonymously 24/7.

In 2016 Jen Hyatt founded Troo Life Coach (TLC) which is an augmented intelligence chatbot, based on neuroscience, behavioural economics nudge theory and positive psychology, which motivates teens to make healthier decisions for life. TLC received a grant from the Nominet Trust and was selected for the Innovation Showcase at the World Innovation Summit on Health 2016.

She foresees a continued rapid development in digital health care, where joint projects are essential.

”We need to re-imagine what is possible, and develop more collaborating platforms”, she says.

What we are seeing now is however only the beginning of the transformation of health care.

”In a short time frame there will not be so much happening that affects large proportions of the public. The change needed is about engaging people in better managing their lives. This is difficult. There are new models and frameworks emerging, but If you look at changes historically, most of them have not been quick.” she says.

The event MYiHealth brought more than 250 researchers, start-up-companies, health executives, politicians and others together, and Jen Hyatt went back to the UK with new perspectives and ideas.

”I got a couple of new business ideas, and I am very impressed with the speakers during these two days”, she says.