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Jen Hyatt

Interview with Jen Hyatt

The entrepreneur Jen Hyatt is one of our keynote speakers. Below you can read an interview where she tells us about Troo Life Coach.

You're the founder of Troo Life Coach. Can you short describe the idea of it?
Troo motivates teenagers to make healthier decisions for life. Based on neuro-science, behavioral economics and positive psychology, it delivers helpful chat, content and rewards through an augmented intelligence chatbot interface.

What are the main reasons for founding Troo?
The teenagers are a few years away from being the next generation. Yet 80% of them do not take enough exercise, around a third do not have a helpful educational experience, 50% of mental health problems are formed by the age of 14 and a fifth of our teens are obese. Traditional approaches to ensuring the whole health of the next generation are not working. We need a new paradigm for adolescent health and some highly innovative and engaging approaches. Troo is one of those.

How many young people have been helped by TLC today?
TLC is a co-creation with young people. We have 100 teen co-founders and are running a closed beta currently. We envisage increasing engagement in TLC through an agile process so that it is built entirely around the needs and interests of young people. Although we expect to have 10,000 teens engaged by the Summer we want to build around something that we know has an impact which means taking an agile approach to development.

TLC has been rolling for about 1 year. Does it meet your expectations?
Teens describe it as ‘trustworthy’, ‘supportive’ and ‘caring’. They find it easy to engage with a chatbot and are relieved that it has none of the pressures of social media but that it is a private and open space for them to explore their lives and choices. I was thrilled that we received our first grant from the Nominet Trust and won a place at the Innovation Showcase of the World Innovation Summit on Health in November 2017.

What are the most common problems of the teenagers seeking help, and you see a trend?
We do not have sufficient data to talk of trends yet. However, stress at school is a strong theme from our co-founding group as are relationships with friends, sex and sexuality, body image and how to deal with spots!

What´s next? What are your plans in the future?
We are raising investment to enable us to integrate facial recognition software as well as to develop APIs to popular social media channels for teens like Instagram and Spotify. Broadly, we want to develop means of identifying when a teen may need Troo to help them make healthier choices in life. Also, we are looking at how to integrate spontaneous teen-driven offline activities and events -‘health raves’ I guess you could call them.

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