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Henrik Rindel Gudbergsen

Panel day 1 with Mathias Ekman.

Henrik Rindel Gudbergsen is Chief Medical Officer at IBM Nordic. Henrik has a broad experience in creating and managing research and business strategies within the areas of medical science, digital transformation, and value-based healthcare. In IBM, Henrik is engaged in the application of IBMs portfolio of technologies in the public sector, the pharmaceutical industry, and in biotech companies across the Nordic countries.

Henrik have extensive experience within health, research and innovation, and he has worked with leadership of direct reports and leaders in both the private and public sectors at home and abroad. Throughout his career, he has had a focus on identifying opportunities across sectors and in creating and launching strategies and projects fostering innovative transformation in healthcare, research, and life science. He has a proven track-record in identifying and retrieving funding, closing contracts, as well as in transforming business and governance models.