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Conference program day 1

Aula Medica, Karolinska Institutet

09.00 Coffee and registration

10.00 The patient – what is important for me and MYiHealth?
Despite the intense technological development in general and regarding digitalisation in particular there is a paradoxical lack of asking the patient what is needed and what would make a difference. Cristin Lind will kick off the 2 day conference setting the right focus from start – the patients’ perspective.
Cristin Lind, Quality Register Centrum Stockholm

10.15 Welcome opening speech
Karin Dahlman-Wright, Acting Vice-Chancellor, Karolinska Institutet. Astrid Söderbergh Widding, Vice-Chancellor, Stockholm University. Daniel Forslund, Innovation Commissioner, Stockholm County Council & Karin Wanngård, Mayor, City of Stockholm

10.30 Combining Social Networking Sites and Biochemistry for better health
Jamie Heywood, CEO PatientsLikeMe

11.00 Troo Life Coach: Motivating Teens to Take Healthier Decisions for Life?
Jen Hyatt, Entrepreneur

11.30 Whole genome sequencing in clinical medicine in the era of Big Data
Professor Wedell and her team provide nationwide diagnostics and expert advice on all aspects of inherited metabolic diseases. She will present how they have implemented whole genome sequencing for clinical diagnosis of monogenic disorders, with dramatic consequences as large numbers of patients now receive specific molecular diagnoses and treatment in early disease stages, improving outcome. Utilising their approach Professor Wedell and her team have discovered a number of novel monogenic diseases affecting brain metabolism, opening novel avenues for treatment.
Speaker: Professor Anna Wedell, Karolinska Institutet

12.00 Inspiring lunch and creative networking

13.00 Fully integrated health care solutions to prevent disease and improve patient outcome – the patient centric university
Professor Samsom will provide his version on how you go from vision to reality on the fully integrated patient centric university hospital. He will touch upon the importance of leadership, technology and outcomes with the patient in focus.
Speaker: Professor Melvin Samsom, CEO, Karolinska University Hospital

13.30 How machine learning and AI help our 100 000 doctors deliver better care to patients
Ron Gutman, CEO, HealthTap

14.00 Panel
Speaker: Julian Selz, European Lead for Commercial Partnerships, IBM Watson Health. Mathias Ekman, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) Public Sector Sweden Microsoft

14.30 Stimulating coffee and networking

15.15 Virtual Reality goes to war: Applications for the prevention, assessment and treatment of PTSD
In this keynote address Skip Rizzo discuss how new Virtual Reality based applications can be used for prevention and rehabilitation in
psychiatry. Rizzo will give examples of ground-breaking R & D at the Institute for Creative Technologies where he is leading several projects
on VR and psychiatry. See more here
Speaker: Professor Albert “Skip” Rizzo, PhD, Director for Medical Virtual Reality, University of Southern California

15.45 How can I be sure about integrity of my data?
Professor Magnusson Sjöberg leads a number of Swedish governmental inquiries on personal data processing for research purposes, which also have interesting links to data use in digital health applications. In this keynote Cecilia will discuss integrity aspects of personal data in clinical and research applications in the healthcare sector and what the new upcoming EU regulations might imply.
Speaker: Professor Cecilia Magnusson Sjöberg, Stockholm University

16.05 Go FAIR, go Anywhere - The Personal Health Train on track
Professor Barend Mons, Dutch Techcentre for Life Science

16.30 How do we put it all together? A lifelong learning health system
Cristin Lind, Quality Register Centrum Stockholm

18.00 Reception at Stockholm City Hall